Price list

Prices for fiscal, economic and financial consulting

Prices for fiscal, economic, and financial advisory services are determined by the type and difficulty of solved issues.

Regular consultations related to the processing of tax returns , bookkeeping and payroll are provided free of charge (it is included in the price of processing of accounting or payroll administration.

Consultation and advising beyond such are solving of some special issues including other recomendations and related impacts on client are charged by concrete hour rate.

Hour rates of workers:

  • Tax Adviser : 1500-2000 CZK / hour . according the difficulty of the task
  • Auditor: 2000-2500 CZK / hour . according the difficulty of the task
  • Accountant : 700-1000 CZK / hour . according the difficulty of the task
  • TA Assistant : 700-1000 CZK / hour . according the difficulty of the task

Bookkeeping charge

The bookkeeping charge is depending on dificulty and way of handing of documents, we also take into consideration VAT paying, property administration, estate, leasing, number of cars for the road tax, accounting to centers, contracts and so on. Because it is difficult to determinate an objective price, we recommend you to contact us in case of interest at , where the price will be proposed according to your requirements, this price consultation is free of charge.

Informative prices are around:

  • Small company : 2000-5000 CZK / month.
  • Great corporation : 5000 to 20000 CZK / month.

Prices for payroll

The payroll rate is directly proportional to the number of employees and other specific requirements such are deductions from wages, execution, pension, life insurance, bonuses, fees and other specific requirements.