Prolongation of your tax return

Internet providing of full power and prolongation of tax return on income tax.

Description of options

To simplify the procedure and better access to tax advisor services was developer the following web aplication: Prolongation of deadline for tax return. It is aimed as for Physical as for Legal Person. All applicants can choose from one or two alternatives.

  • Basic Variant when the applicant fill the tax return by himself. There are several ways how to do it:
    • On common form (paper) from the Ministry of Finance
    • In application EPO of Czech Tex Administration
    • In aplication TaxEdit Start (you can download free at
    • In any other application, tax or authority software

Tax advisers of company TaxPoint, s.r.o. will check if all is correct and then they will electronically fill in the tax return by themselves included attechments at the relevant local tax office.

  • User Option  when the TaxPoint’s advisers provide consultances and advices for processing of the tax return or they process it themselves in the seat of TaxPoint or in the client’s office


The candidates register themselves on web pages of TaxPoint, s.r.o. (Registration of Physical Person and Registration of Legal Person) and decide which option they choose. They obtain by return electronically filled power of attorney, contract for providing tax return and preinvoice. The applicants print and sign the power of attorney plus the contract and send it back to address of TaxPoint company. (because it is necessary to submit original documents)

After the payment of pre-invoice, TaxPoint, s.r.o. submits the power of attorney at relevant Tax Office and by that is the legal term for submission and payment of tax returns postponed for three months.

In case of the Basic Variant, TaxPoint, s.r.o. waits for delivery of filled report from the client (via email, post…) we check it within the term and submit it electronically at Tax Office. The copy of it together with the prepayment statement is sent in electronic form back to the client.

In case of the User option, TaxPoint, s.r.o. and it’s advisers immediately after the prepayment enter into contact with the client and the whole processing of report coordinate according the needs and possibilities of client.


The price of the Basic variant is fixed, for Physical Persons 4000 CZK including VAT , for Legal Persons 5000 CZK including VAT.

The User Option price depends on the difficulty, It is set according to the hour rate 1600 CZK plus VAT, for making a contract it is necessary to first pay the 5000 CZK prepayment invoice.

TaxPoint, s.r.o. is insured for the amount of  10 000 000 CZK.