The company TaxPoint s.r.o. performs for it’s clients the following services:

  • Tax consultancy with possibility of 3 months prolongation of corporate income tax and personal income tax.
  • VAT calculation and preparation of tax returns, summary reports, statement from the buyer and supplier, submitting of all reports electronically
  • Calculation of tax on corporate income tax, preparation and submitting of tax return
  • Calculation of road tax, preparation and submitting of tax returns
  • Economic and financial consulting
  • Accounting, payroll calculation
  • Audit of accounts
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Consulting in the field of international taxation – not only EU countries, but also third countries.
  • Refund of VAT from other EU countries
  • Filling and submission of Intrastat


Prolongation of the deadline for tax returns

Internet providing of power of attorney and prolongation of the deadline of tax returns for income tax