TaxPoint s.r.o.

The company TaxPoint s.r.o. was founded in 1999 by Tax Adviser Jiří Hanák.

We are concentrated most of all on following topics:

  • Tax advising
  • Accounting
  • Economic and financial consulting
  • Implementation of Due diligence and internal audit
  • Company Founding and providing a registered office for companies
  • Refund of VAT from other EU countries

At the beginning, the company was mainly focused on accounting and payroll for small and medium-sized companies . Gradually we became more orientated not just on accounting but also on consultancy. Now a days the company has around  ten accountatnts or tax advisers and co-operate with specialized audit and law companies. We do accounting for a number of Czech and Slovak companies.

We believe that the biggest value of the company is it’s people, that is why we are trying to continausly educate our employees and we are trying to keep them satisfied.

For procesing tax report we use program called Taxedit, as law software ASPI and for accounting we are recently using accounting software Pohoda. However, we are also able to use other accounting program of our clients (such are currently Money S3, Navision, Helios)

We use remote desk through which we access the database of our clients or allow our clients to access their data saved on our server. We are also prepared to work at the seat of client’s company.

We are located at Chládkova 2, 616 00 Brno .